Friday, January 15, 2010

A nite with SID, outSIDers and WfPs in SINless City

It was Green Day's concert... but that's just the appetizer.

The oinks oinks came out in force... so did the OutSIDers.

Why? Superman is Dead plays in SINless city!!

Eric... New Year's Eve again, perhaps bor??

Happy outSIDers

The adorable and untiring Rachel....

Rockstars get the girls....

hey... i got me ass grabbed too! hahaha.....

The Warpigs are now outSIDers too! respect!!

hey Rachel! where are your hands??.... Eric's face tells it all

Yellow Jello @ Clarke Quay has never been and will never be the same =]

TQ, Jappie for arranging it then not being able to be there (Ccngrats for winning Tattoo top prizes in Singapore and Bangkok, bor!!!)
TQ, John Molina for convincing his band Kureger and Yello Jello for the SID gig...

more pix on PICASA

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