Saturday, October 17, 2009

R.I.P. Lee Biker

I've never known his full name thru the years... he has always been just - Lee Biker... not the biggest guy physically but with a huge heart, courage and never fails to show up when a brother needs help, doesn't matter the time of day...

My deepest condolences to Lee's family, the Head Hunters MC family, and the Lee Bikers garage for your loss. He was truly a great guy.

Lee, thanks for saving my ass all those times on the road... may your soul Revv in Peace, brother.

classic Lee - humble and in HD orange & Carlsberg green.


Anonymous said...

I must agree with your simple but honest thoughts. Lee will be missed. He was a kind and funny guy. I'm greatly saddened to hear about his passing.

Roi SeDARAH MC said...

R.I.P Lee - You'll Never Forgotten

Joe Black said...

In the short time I have been a Harley rider, I have come to respect your views and suggestions on bike upkeep.

You will be sorely missed by bikers everywhere my friend

Joe Black

Redbonkerz said...

R.I.P Brother Lee... Hope i could share my J.D with you... Cheers... I just came to know... Wish you were here to carry on our future Custom Project... Will always miss you, Bro... U're the BEST!!!