Thursday, July 23, 2009

Onset : Ramly At War , The Prequel

The Waja Warriors

featuring - Huey, Mike Gan, Red of Independent MG, JackAss of Warpigs MC, and of course... HeadHunters MC - Botak, uncle Mean Gene, Camilla, Ay Carramba, Coonass & Tinkerbell (sori guys, there was never gonna be enuff beer)

Location - Street Draggers Cycle

The CoD (Children of Damned-nation aka Cash on Delivery)

featuring Low Angle Production, brothers and sisters from Violent Storm MG, Raging Storm MG, Head Hunters MC, Warpigs MC... not forgetting Ann from Seremban, Pornster, Atun, Ruhi and the beautiful extras (u know who u are... u got the pictures!)

Bikes from Red Garage , Street Draggers Cycle and the cast mentioned above.

Location - Ampang Galaxy...

Cast and Crew fed by Garage Bistro (thx Johnson!)

Just some pix of the shoot.... more description at Low Angle Prod's blog
In post Prod now... stay tuned ... and look out for the preview party soon! =]


Daddy Frisco said...

cant wait to see it, so how's our Rev Dex? stressed much? hehehe

dC said...

I think Dex haven't had so much stress, fun and exhaustion all-in-one for a while.... hahahaha

rizky mandra said...

uuu... does it going to be able to be viewed in Indo too..?? really wanted to see it bor... hehehehe...